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MORU Specialty Coffee Roasters has the capability to help roasting and brewing professionals with their equipment setup, maintenance and repair.  Do you have a new, or are you currently using, an espresso machine, automatic pour-over or drip machine that needs calibration or tweaking in order to bring out the best in your coffee?  Need help interfacing your older roaster to newfangled roast profiling software?  Want to fix that worrying leak or knock?  Are you putting off major maintenance because you don't have the knowledge, tools, or experience?  We can be onsite within a matter of hours to get you back up and running.

"After a few days roasting on this machine (our roaster) is loving it! Roasting better coffee than ever before.  Thank you so much for all the work you've done on it for us!"    Eric Yochim, Two Rivers Coffee


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