Weekly Update - January 17th

Well, with the new year in full swing we continue to develop new roasts to offer our customers.  We just began offering a new organic decaf, named SAMBROSA, from Peru.  Do you ever find yourself craving a cup of coffee in the afternoon but afraid it may keep you up past bedtime?  Here's your answer. Our organic bean from Peru is roasted to bring out a full body and a hint of smokiness. The coffee begins with subtle berry sweetness to create a well-rounded cup of coffee that you will forget is decaf! We wanted pure unadulterated decaf coffee, and the premium Swiss Water process is really the only option to maintain the bean quality we require while effectively removing the caffeine.  Want to know how the caffeine is naturally removed using the Swiss Water process?  Click the logo below to learn more:

What else is on the way?  A great Kenyan, a French Roast, a delicious 50/50 blend, and an Espresso Blend.  Stay tuned!