MORU Specialty Coffee Roasters has a new look!

We are proud to announce our new packaging!  Not only is the bag vastly more attractive and does a great job of representing our beautiful state with the wraparound mountain graphics, it also provides greatly improved information on the coffee, how to store it, and how to brew it.  Take a look-- we're incredibly proud!

We now do Setup, Calibration, and Repair!

MORU Specialty Coffee Roasters has the capability to help roasting and brewing professionals with their equipment setup, maintenance and repair.  Do you have a new, or are you currently using, an espresso machine, automatic pour-over or drip machine that needs calibration or tweaking in order to bring out the best in your coffee?  Need help interfacing your older roaster to newfangled roast profiling software?  Want to fix that worrying leak or knock?  Are you putting off major maintenance because you don't have the knowledge, tools, or experience?  We can be onsite within a matter of hours to get you back up and running!  Check out our website for more information.

Sneak Peek!

Here's a little hint...our coffee has been chosen by a local microbrewery with awards from the World Beer Cup, GABF, Westword Best Of, and 5280 Top of the Town!  We will be supplying beans for their Chocolate Porter and Coffee Cream Extra.

Been pretty busy!!

Chasing accounts, helping a new subtenant move in, developing new roasts, planning our trip to the Specialty Coffee Association Expo next month in Seattle.  Oh, and raising families.  We are super busy- but doing what we love!

What do we do with the coffee that no longer meets our retail freshness standards?  Well, we are sending about 30 pounds of still-excellent coffee to the the Denver Rescue Mission!  With the current social climate, we implore you to take some time to give back to your community.  Every little bit helps!

How do YOU like your roast?

We have been experimenting with out SABROSA decaf to see if we can get more sweetness out of this wonderful Peruvian bean. Here is the same bean with three different finishes- the original SABROSA on the top, a medium roast in the middle, and a light roast on the bottom. All had their positives, but the medium roast had a great balance of body and sweetness. What do YOU like?

Classes at Sojourners Coffee & Tea!

Want to learn how to expertly brew coffee and tea, or how to perfectly roast your beans at home?  MORU Coffee and Sojourners Coffee & Tea are teaming up to offer hands-on classes. We want to give you the best experience possible, so if you're interested, take a minute to complete the survey HERE!

MORU Coffee Now in Local Venues!

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